Regatta 2010

...bigger and stronger than ever. Regatta Radio has exclusive coverage of the Henley Royal Regatta.

We will be covering the Henley Royal Regatta in 2012 for the 7th successive year.

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Why Regatta Radio?

Regatta Radio is a highly acclaimed success (as verified by an independent survey). The station not only has a keen local and national following, but now through the power of the internet, commands a global reach (we have recorded visits to our website from at least 144 countries) though English speaking countries tend to dominate. Regatta Radio is now in its 6th year and commands and ever growing audience.

Radio by its nature is an intrusive medium, if you're listening to the radio you cannot avoid the adverts and Regatta Radio offers a unique entrée to advertise to an exclusive select audience.

We have attracted some very high profile companies to partner with us including

  • Invesco Perpetual

  • The Daily Telegraph

  • General Electric

  • Antony Worrall-Thompson

Many of these have expressed delight with the response and will be renewing their association with us in 2011. Some have quantified the real and tangible benefits that the station brought - join them! Contact us by ringing  if you're in the UK or +  internationally alternatively

The Henley Royal Regatta is a great social event in it 171st year. It is attended by half a million largely high-income, high net-worth individuals. Add to this the fact that the population of Henley and South Oxfordshire are themselves largely very prosperous (Henley has amongst the most expensive housing in the UK) the attractions of advertising to this audience become obvious.

Many people attend who have limited knowledge of the sport or the traditions of Henley and why it is special.  Regatta Radio is an entertaining way for people to learn more about this great sport and get more out of their visit to the world's favourite regatta. The nature of rowing means spectators will only see at most a quarter to a third of a race from the riverside. Regatta Radio has rowing commentators on the ground to keep listeners up to date with proceedings on the river.

Rowing is an increasingly popular sport thanks to the recent British successes at World and Olympic level and the increasing popularity of rowers as public figures (Sir Steve Redgrave and Sir Matthew Pinsent).  As a result attendances at Henley are on the increase.  With the people who are expected to attend the event in 2011 over the 10 days, the people who reside in the reception area of Regatta Radio and the audience we expect to attract over the internet Regatta Radio expects to be available to over 1 million people during the time it is on air.  Most of these people have money to spend, making the event very attractive to advertisers thanks to the immediate and intrusive nature of the medium. 

Generally traffic around Henley during the Regatta is heavy and through good promotion of the Regatta Radio frequency a very large proportion of visitors tune into the high quality Regatta service whilst in their cars.  Many enjoy picnics in the riverside car parks, and listen to Regatta Radio at the same time.

The Henley Royal Regatta HQ has given its full support and backing to Regatta Radio and a number of its Stewards and the Committee of Management are working with the RR team to ensure Regatta Radio has a wide appeal to everybody involved in the regatta experience.

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