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Regatta Tidbits

From an Appreciative Listeners

Congratulations again Regatta Radio.

I normally attend Regatta every day but this year I am laid up at home with a broken leg. I have listened to Regatta Radio on my PC every day. Apart from some streaming problems earlier on. your commentators have been marvelous and all your general interest items were great. It's the next best thing to actually being there. Again many thanks and well done Regatta Radio.

Tony Carruthers.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Here in Athens, Greece we have been listening during the whole Regatta, following the fortunes of Abingdon School, where our grandson was rowing Stroke. Happily we were up there last year so we can visualize the excitement, but your comments have made it almost better than being there, hearing details of the whole race. Again, thank you for being available!

Mary and Rudi Kyritsis


People planning to travel home by public transport from next weekend’s Henley Royal Regatta are being advised ‘the bus is best’.

The advice comes from sponsors who are telling travellers that buses will be running long after the trains have stopped.

‘Your late bus home’ is the theme of flyer leaflets which have been produced to publicise the late night buses which will be run by Reading Buses next Friday and Saturday nights, 1 and 2 July 2011.

Details of the late night buses on both days are included in the flyer leaflet.  The buses from Henley Royal Regatta will run into Reading, High Wycombe via Marlow and Twyford via Wargrave.

The Reading route will be HR1 which will leave Station Road, Henley, every 10 minutes from 22.30 to 02.30.

The bus to High Wycombe route HR2 will leave Hart Street, Henley at 00.30 and the bus to Twyford route HR3 will leave from The Catherine Wheel, Hart Street, at 00.30.

Said Reading Buses Communications Manager Nikki Honer:  “Our message to people planning to travel home by public transport is ‘don’t get caught out when the trains stop running’.

“The bus is the best way home and is well worth considering because the trains don’t run late.

“Our buses will be leaving the Regatta long after the last train has departed and this message is being strongly supported by bus sponsors Henley Royal Regatta, Henley Town Council, South Oxfordshire Community Partnership as well as Wokingham Borough Council.

“All regular bus stops will be served along each route and the cost of travelling home is only £5 per person.”

She added that full details of bus services can be found on their website, as well as on Facebook and Twitter sites.