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Latest Audio - Features

On this page you'll find a selection of our best features audio clips from this year's broadcast. If you're looking for the 2010 audio files they've been moved to the Archive>Regatta 2010>Audio Clips menu which can be found at the top of the page.

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Winners Walk Part 2
Winners Walk Part 1
Felicity Lusk Head Teacher of Abingdon School talks to Martin Unsworth
Rt. Rev. Mark Jabalé O. S. B. Henley Steward and the Bishop Emeritus of Menevia delivers the Regatta Sermon
Inside the boat tents on Finals Day with Matthew Gordon...
Ben Hunt-Davies (Olympic Gold medal Winner in the GB 8) talks to Martin Unsworth
Dave Crawshay talks to Michiel Jonkman
Freddie Focks talks to Anderson about Harvard University warm up routines
Michael Jones Montage-Some of Michael's RR-Highlights
Rachel Wragg of the River & Rowing Museum talks about the history of Women's Rowing to Peter McConnell
Chris Dodd talks about Iraq Rowing and an exhibition at the RRM with Peter McConnell
Richard Bolton, GB Junior Selector, talks to George Thomas about changes in the Fawley Cup
Claire Innes talks to a wife & husband team who plan to row the Atlantic
Steve Swan - Thames Challenge
Henley Swim 2011 Cindy and Tom Keen - Henley Swim interview
Henley Golf Club’s President Craig Breeze
Katrina from the Henley Royal Regatta Shop
Sir Steve Redgrave 1
Sir Steve Redgrave 2