Regatta 2010

...bigger and stronger than ever. Regatta Radio has exclusive coverage of the Henley Royal Regatta.

We will be covering the Henley Royal Regatta in 2012 for the 7th successive year.

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Advertising with Regatta Radio


Regatta Radio brings the theatre of Henley Royal Regatta to thousands.


Broadcasting all the build up and all the racing from the Qualifiers onwards, plus News, Features, Traffic, Weather, Music, Previews, Live Commentary, Results, Interviews, Competitions, Prize Giving and much more...


Showcasing the Henley Royal Regatta, rowing and Henley stories & businesses to a unique audience in Henley, around the country and across the globe.


Regatta Radio offers:


  • A five year track record of growth and success
  • A unique broadcasting opportunity to a highly targeted audience, for 10 days from the heart of the Regatta, June 24th – July 3rd
  • A reach that encompasses all of Henley and surrounding area plus many thousands of listeners online in the UK and around the world
  • Listeners in 114 different countries
  • Regatta Radio listeners are ABC1 adults with high disposable income looking for more from their Henley experience
  • Advertising that is cost effective and immediate



2011 Advertising Rate Card:


Advertising Rate Card

Advertised price


Spot Price



12 Adverts a day



Sponsored Programme Feature




2 ads with up to 2 voices


Bonus overnight slots




9 Adverts a day





1 ad with up to 2 voices




6 adverts a day



1 ad, 1 voice


All adverts are 30 seconds in length

Three 2 minute advert breaks an hour = 12 adverts per hour

In addition we are happy to discuss bespoke packages and can offer a number of Sponsorship options.


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